N-1100D rotary evaporator
N-1100-D is our new rotary evaporator,the rotating bottle capacity is 0.5L-2L,small in size, belonging to a kind of mini rotary evaporator.It is one of the commonly used tools in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, universities and research laboratories,etc.

n-1100d-extraction rotary vacuum evaporator


cheap rotary vacuum evaporator

Both N-1100-D and RE-201D belong to a small volume rotary evaporator. Compared to RE-201d rotary evaporator, N-1100-D has its own characteristics:

extraction rotary vacuum evaporator rotation shaft

rotary evaporator experiment valves

cheap rotary evaporator water bath

1.The rotating bottle of N-1100-D can be lifted manually or electrically.
2.The water bath has separate electronic display controller that regulates the temperature.
3.Intelligent PID temperature controller can adjust the rotation speed of the rotating bottle.

MODEL N-1100-D
Rotary speed(Rpm) 10~180
Evaporating speed(ml/min) 20
Achievable vacuum(Pa) 399.9 (below 3mmHg)
Temperature range(℃) Room temp~100
Temperature display Keypad input  Digital display
Speed-setting Knob setting ,Digital display
Safety functions Fuse
Functions of lifting table Weight balancing Gliding elevating+ manual lifting
Rotary motor(W) 25
Heater wattage(KW) 1.5
Condenser model Lean type water refrigerating
Rotary bottle(L) 0.5~1
Collecting bottle(L) 1
Vacuum sealing Double sealing rings made of Teflon+ Vinton materials
Water Bath size and volume(L) φ260×140·7.4
Elevating stroke(mm) 100+150
Ambient temperature(℃) 5~35
Dimensions (mm) 750L×320W×540H
Weight(kg) 9.5
Power Supply(V/Hz) 220/50

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