What Does a Rotovapor Equipment Cost?

The structure precept of rotary evaporator:

The rotary evaporator r1050 flask is an eggplant-shaped or round-bottomed flask with a standard ground mouth interface, which is related to a decompression pump by way of a excessive reflux serpentine condenser tube, and the other opening of the reflux condenser tube is linked to a receiving flask with a ground mouth for use. Receive evaporated natural solvent. There is a three-way piston between the condenser tube and the decompression pump. When the system is connected to the atmosphere, the distillation flask and the liquid-contacting flask could be removed to switch the solvent. When the system is communicated with the decompression pump, the system ought to be in a decreased state. strain state. When in use, the pressure should be reduced first, after which the motor should be began to rotate the rotavapor equipment flask. At the end, it should be stopped first and then vented to the ambiance to forestall the distillation flask from falling off during rotation. As a warmth source for re 501 rotary evaporator, it is often equipped with a corresponding constant temperature water tank.

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The working principle of the rotavapor equipment:

Through electronic management, the flask is rotated at a constant pace at an appropriate velocity to increase the evaporation area. The evaporation flask was under unfavorable stress by the use of a vacuum pump. The evaporation flask is placed in a water bathtub for constant temperature heating whereas rotating, and the solution within the flask is heated, diffused and evaporated in the rotating flask under unfavorable pressure. The rotovapor cost could be sealed and decompressed to 400-600 mmHg; the solvent in the distillation flask is heated with a heating tub, and the heating temperature can be close to the boiling level of the solvent; on the similar time, it can be rotated at a velocity of 50-160 rpm, The solvent is formed into a skinny film and the evaporation space is elevated. In addition, underneath the motion of the high-efficiency cooler, the new steam could be shortly liquefied and the evaporation fee can be accelerated.

How to make use of the rotary evaporator:

1. Turn on the low temperature coolant circulation pump. Pay attention to press the power button and then press the cooling button, and begin the cycle after the temperature is decreased to the desired temperature.​​
2. Turn on the water pump to circulate the water.​​
3. Install the distillation flask and safe with clips. Turn on the vacuum pump and begin to rotate after a certain vacuum.​​
4. Adjust the peak and rotation pace of the distillation flask, and set the appropriate water bath temperature.​​
5. After steaming, stop the rotation first, then open the ambiance, then stop the water pump, and at last take away the distillation flask. 6. Stop the low-temperature coolant circulating pump, stop the heating of the water tub, flip off the water pump to flow into the water, pour out the solvent in the receiving bottle, wash the buffer ball, and receive the bottle.

Precautions for using rotary evaporator:

1. When using, firstly draw a small vacuum (about 0.03MPa), and then turn on the rotation to stop the distillation flask from slipping; when it stops, stop the rotation first, hold the distillation flask by hand, and open the environment till the vacuum diploma drops to about 0.04MPa. Stop the vacuum pump to stop the distillation bottle from falling off and sucking back.​​
2. Each interface, sealing floor, sealing ring and joint have to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before set up.
3. Water should be added earlier than the heating tank is energized, and dry burning without water isn't allowed.
4. If the vacuum diploma is too low, take observe of verify the air tightness of every joint, vacuum tube and glass bottle.​​
5. When rotavapor equipment air-sensitive substances, connect a nitrogen balloon to the exhaust port, first cross a burst of nitrogen gas, exhaust the air in the rotovapor cost , after which join the sample bottle for rotovapor cost . After evaporating, release nitrogen to increase the stress, then turn off the pump, and then take away the sample bottle and seal it.​​
6. If the viscosity of the pattern could be very giant, the rotation speed must be slowed down and rotated slowly by hand, in order that a new liquid level could be fashioned and the solvent may be evaporated.

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ZZKD Rotary evaporator for sale:

ZZKD is professional in lab devices, rotavapor equipment is certainly one of our major merchandise,such as re-201d rotary evaporator, re-501 rotary evaporator and so on.
Rotary evaporators are mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery within the pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. The precept is that under vacuum condition, the temperature is heated at a continuing temperature, in order that the rotating bottle rotates at a continuing pace, and the material varieties a large-area movie on the bottle wall, and evaporates effectively. It is particularly appropriate for the focus and purification of organic products that are easily decomposed at high temperatures.
Rotavapor equipments embody small quantity rotary evaporator and enormous scale rotary evaporator. When using the rotary evaporator, pay attention to the glass elements ought to be handled gently, cleaned, dried or dried earlier than loading. A vacuum grease is applied to every grinding port, sealing surface, seal ring and joint earlier than set up.
Before turning on the ability, turn the pace control knob to the left and press the facility switch. After the indicator gentle, slowly flip to the right to the required pace. Generally, the big evaporation bottle makes use of low velocity or medium pace, and the high viscosity answer makes use of decrease speed. It is appropriate that the amount of the answer is mostly not more than 50%.