Using low temperature coolant pump

The low temperature circulating pump is especially suitable for various chemical, biological and physical laboratories that need to maintain low temperature conditions. It is an essential equipment for the laboratories of the medical and health, food industry, metallurgical industry and universities and colleges.

The use of low temperature coolant pump is also more and more extensive, and it is more complicated to operate than some equipment such as circulating water vacuum pump. However, you only need to remember the six points of the low temperature coolant pump in use. Safe operation of the low temperature coolant pump.

circulating water vacuum pump

1.Do not use or rain or sprinkle water in high temperature, humidity, corrosive environment or explosive environment. During use, avoid letting the low temperature coolant pump be wet to avoid the risk of open circuit and electric shock.

2.Can't stand or sit on the low temperature coolant pump, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine;

3.Strictly follow the instructions to avoid major accidents such as damage to the main engine, fire, electric shock, etc.

4.Cannot be installed in places where there is a risk of flammable gas generation, inflow, retention, leakage, and where carbon fiber floats;

5.It is not possible to operate under the condition that the outer casing and the motor and electrical component cover are removed, there is a risk of electric shock, and there is no need to put fingers and foreign objects into the gap of the machine;

6.It cannot be disassembled and repaired by itself, and it cannot be modified without authorization.