RE-201D rotary evaporator installation

The RE-201D 2l rotary evaporator is one of the most common rotary evaporators. It is small in size and easy to install. It is the basic product suitable for laboratory use.So what is the installation process of RE-201D rotary vacuum evaporator?

RE-201D rotary film evaporator

The RE-201D rotary evaporator consists of a mechanical part, a glass part and a constant temperature water bath.The RE-201D rotary evaporator is easy to install. The specific installation procedure is as follows:

1.Place the rotary evaporator rack close to the water source, on a firm workbench.If the rack is not stable, you can pad four rubber feet.

2.Move the handpiece to a height of 48CM from the chassis.Tilt to the right for about 25 degrees to lock the nuts on the frame.

3.Fix the electronic controller and plug in the motor plug.

4.Insert the condenser on the head interface, adjust to make the condenser vertical, and the condenser joints to the rear.

5.Insert the feed tube into the condenser tube.

6.Dock the collection bottle with the condenser tube and clip it with the bottle mouth clamp.

7.Place the rotating bottle on the right end of the rotating shaft and clamp it with the bottle mouth clamp.

8.Place the water bath under the rotating bottle and add clean water to 2/3 of the rotating bottle capacity. (The tap water should be placed for 1-2 days).

9.Connect the vacuum tube joint with the vacuum tube at the suction pipe and connect the desktop vacuum pump to the other joint.

vacuum pump for rotary evaporator system

superfit re-201d rotary vacuum evaporator


1.Each glass piece should be cleaned before installation.

2.A small amount of empty silicone grease should be applied to each standard port and sealing surface to increase air tightness.

3. When the installation is completed, the position of the machine head should be locked and it cannot be moved.