How to clean the rotary evaporator

Our rotary evaporators include:2L rotary evaporator , 5L rotary evaporator , 10L rotary evaporator , 20L rotary evaporator and so on,The rotary evaporator has four components: glass, sealing ring, PTFE interface, water bath, and they all need to be cleaned.

1.Glass parts
The glass components consist of a condenser, a four-way vial, a bleed valve, a rotating bottle and a receiving bottle. The cleaning of the glass components is the most complicated part of the entire rotary evaporator cleaning, especially the condenser.After the rotary evaporator is finished, when cleaning these glass parts, if there is serious dirt, wash it with dilute sulfuric acid;

Rotary vacuum evaporator uses

2.Seal ring
After the rotary evaporator is used, check the sealing ring. When not in use, always check the wear or corrosion degree of the sealing ring. When the wear or corrosion is serious, it is necessary to change the corrosion or wear sealing ring in time. To ensure the degree of vacuum at the next use;

3.PTFE interface
The cleaning of the PTFE interface is very simple. If the dirt is serious, remove it and wash it; usually it is not cleaned;

4.Water bath
The cleaning of the bath is divided into two cases, one is water heating and the other is oil heating.If the water is heated, it is better to clean it up, and the water stain on the electric heating ring can be washed off;If the oil is heated, the oil is more troublesome to clean up and requires special cleaning tools.