Rotary evaporator operating procedure

ZZKD is a well-known manufacturer of lab equipments in China. Rotary evaporator is one of our main products. Our products include: 2l rotary evaporator , 3l rotary evaporator , 5l rotary evaporator , 10l rotary evaporator and so on.

RE-201D rotary flash evaporator

What is the operation flow of the rotary evaporator?

1.Connect the rotary evaporator power supply: Turn on the power of the rotary evaporator and water bath.

2.Add water to the water bath and add to the volume of the water bath 4/5.

3.Turn on the power switch of the rotary evaporator main control panel and the water bath control panel.

4.Set the temperature of the water bath on the control panel.

5.Turn on the lift control switch to immerse the rotary evaporator rotating bottle in the water bath.

6.6. Turn on the low temperature circulating pump switch and place the condensed liquid.

7. Turn on the vacuum pump switch.

8. Insert the feed tube into the solution to be concentrated and open the feed valve switch to start feeding. The volume of the feed should not exceed 1/2 of the volume of the rotating bottle.

9. Close the feed valve, rotate the bottle at a certain speed, and start distillation and extraction.

rotary vacuum evaporators condenser

rotary flash evaporator galssware