Low temperature coolant circulating pump use points

The low temperature circulating pump is one of the matching equipments for rotary vacuum evaporator. If it is used improperly, it will cause the deviation of the low temperaturer coolant pump. What are the points to pay attention to when using the low temperature coolant pump?

low temperature coolant pump

Storage of low temperature coolant pump:Do not place the low temperature coolant  pump too close to the heating equipment. Remember to avoid direct sunlight. The low temperature circulating pump should have sufficient space around the heat dissipation hole and be dustproof.

The most important thing:The heat sink of the condenser should be cleaned regularly, and the heat sink is not clean, which will directly affect the temperature drop effect;When the liquid is circulated outside, pay special attention to the firmness of the joint of the lead pipe, and prevent it from falling off to prevent the liquid from leaking out;The medium level should not exceed the cooling coil in the tank and is not higher than the working table 20mm.