Rotary evaporator with circulating water vacuum pump and oil bath

ZZKD is specialized in rotary evaporators,We also provide rotary evaporator equipment.such as:circulating water vacuum pump, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump,water and oil bath and so on.

The oil bath can be used alone or in combination with a rotary evaporator. It is widely used in various reaction heating, especially in the university laboratories, there are quite a lot of oil baths.There are also many customers who consult oil baths. When they consult, they will ask, if you buy an oil bath, what kind of oil can you use to achieve the temperature required for the experiment?

rotary evaporator with oil bath

The oil in the oil bath can use a heat transfer oil (glycerin, paraffin oil, silicone oil, vacuum pump oil or vegetable oil).In addition, there are many places to be aware of when using a constant temperature water bath, as follows:

1.The capacity of the oil added to the bath should be appropriate, so that the heating time can be shortened, and the oil or water can be prevented from overflowing, resulting in burns;
2.When heating, the oil used is different, and the maximum temperature that can be reached is also different;
3.When the oil bath is heated, keep away from the heating part, and there is no contact to prevent burns;
4.Do not add oil or water, dry burning;
5.When the water oil bath is not in use, cut off the power of the machine to avoid accidents;
6. When storing the bath, do not let the inside of the control box get damp, so as to avoid leakage during the next use, causing unnecessary damage;

7.After the end of use, pour out the heating oil in the bath, wipe it with a clean cloth, and place it in a dry and ventilated place.