Rotary evaporator nasıl kullanılır

Rotary evaporator is one of our main products,According to the capacity, it can be divided into 2L rotary evaporator, 5L rotary evaporator, 10L rotary evaporator, 20L rotary evaporator, 50L roatary evaporator.

rotary evaporator nasıl kullanılır

When conducting medical experiments, the rotary evaporator is controlled by a constant temperature, and the rotary bottle is driven by the motor to rotate, and the condensation device and the collection bottle achieve the purpose of rapid evaporation and efficient recovery, evaporation-cooling-recovery, the entire process All clearly visible.

rotary evaporator vial adapter kit

The entire rotary evaporator is made of high-grade materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and the medium that is perishable under high temperature can also be used.Since the rotary evaporator needs to be tested in a vacuum-tight condition, each grinding port, sealing surface, sealing ring and joints need to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before installation to maintain a high vacuum.In addition, it should be noted that water must be added before the heating tank is energized, and dry heating without water is not allowed.

rotary evaporator nedir ne amaçla kullanılır

The role of the rotary evaporator is to concentrate, crystallize, dry, separate and recover the solvent. It is widely used in school experimental courses, medical experiments, drug production, chemical experiments and other related experimental institutions.

When conducting medical experiments, in order to avoid contamination between different drugs, different experimental items must have requirements for the rotary evaporator, and a new rotary evaporator can be replaced if necessary.