How the rotary evaporator works

Recently, we have exported a lot of RE-201D rotary evaporator and RE-501 rotary evaporator. We have consulted customers about the principle of using our rotovap. Let's explain it below.

With a rotary evaporator superfit, single step distillation can be performed quickly.The basis of this method is to evaporate and condense the solvent in a rotary evaporation flask under vacuum conditions.

R-1005 5L rotary evaporator superfit
The rotary evaporator for chemistry is divided into three sections: the evaporation zone, the rotary transmission, and the cooling zone.
Evaporation zone:
The solvent is heated by the bath to form a thin solvent film in the rotary evaporation bottle to increase the evaporation rate, and the rotation also makes the sample evenly mixed, thereby avoiding the fixed heating in the bottle.
Rotary transmission:
The transmission ensures that the evaporation flask rotates evenly, and the integrated steam tube transfers steam from the evaporation zone to the cooling zone.
Cooling zone:
The solvent vapor flows rapidly into the condenser where the energy of the solvent vapor is transferred to the cooling medium (mostly water) so that the solvent is cooled down.