Multiple uses of rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is one of the most common distillation extraction equipment and one of our main products.The capacities of our rotary evaporator products are : 2L rotary evaporator, 5L rotary evaporator, 10L rotary evaporator, 50L rotary evaporator.

Many people know about rotary evaporators, but how much do you know about the use of rotary evaporators?In addition to distilling essential oils, it has many different uses.

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The use of rotary evaporator:

1.Premium hotel kitchen

The function of rotary steaming is of course to evaporate water, so what is the kitchen used for?According to the survey, many senior chefs now use rotary steaming to evaporate part of the water in the fruit juice to make the juice taste better.

2.Research and development of cosmetics company

Cosmeceuticals are a kind of healthy cosmetics that are very popular nowadays. Cosmeceuticals, also known as medical skin care products, refer to cosmetics that solve skin beauty problems from a medical point of view.Studies have found that the skin's absorption of general biochemical skin care products is 7%, while the absorption degree of traditional Chinese medicine skin care products is as high as 13%, so most of the drug cosmetics now are based on Chinese medicine.Of course, it is impossible for the medicines to appear in solid form, so a very important step when making cosmeceuticals is to dissolve the medicines so that the viscosity of the cosmetics and medicines are the same, and so that the Tyndall effect does not occur between the two. Stop experimenting with liquids with different water contents for titration and reconciliation.

3.Drug research and development

Rotary evaporators are almost used more frequently when making medicines than in chemical laboratories. There is basically a rotary evaporator in every medicine research room and production room.

4.Water quality testing

Everyone needs to drink water every day, so how do we test the water we drink? This can also be used for rotary evaporator.The detection of water is basically to detect the total dissolved solids value in the water, that is, to check the total amount of various organic or inorganic substances dissolved in the water. The unit of use is PPM or milligrams per liter (Mg/L), which indicates 1 liter of water How many milligrams of total dissolved solids are dissolved in.If you want to analyze 1L of water, the impurities in it are limited and the titration is not complete. At this time, the use of the rotary evaporator is reflected. You can use rotary evaporation to evaporate most of the clean water, and you can accurately calculate the quality of impurities.