The core technology of laboratory rotary evaporators

Rotary evaporator has a small structure, efficient evaporation, easy to observe, etc.Particularly suitable for use in laboratories to extract valuable materials. It is also often used in the pharmaceutical, chemical industry for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery.

rotary evaporator laboratory

So what is the working principle and core technology of the rotary evaporator? Let us introduce it below.

The rotary evaporator laboratory is operated under negative pressure conditions.the rotating bottle is rotated in the water bath to form a large-area film in the bottle, thereby effectively evaporating.The vapor formed by the solvent is condensed and collected in a receiving bottle.The liquid used for condensation is usually water or alcohol.

rotary evaporator laboratory for ethanol

For rotary evaporators, the core technology is the system’s gas tightness,that is, whether the rotary evaporation system can maintain high vacuum in the corrosion and motion of various solvents.

The materials used in the rotary evaporator produced by Kodak include PTFE rubber and borosilicate glass, which can withstand the corrosion of various solvents. The airtightness is very reliable and can maintain a high vacuum of 0.096Mpa or more.