What should pay attention to when purchasing rotary evaporat

As a professional rotary evaporator manufacturers, we provide some suggestions for purchasing rotary evaporators according to the market conditions.

1.The capacity of the rotary evaporation bottle is usually 1L, 2L(RE-201D rotary evaporator) , 5L, 10L, 50L and so on.

RE-201d rotary evaporator essential oils

2.The lifting method is divided into manual and automatic, and the automatic lifting can also automatically raise and lower the water bath and the automatic lifting of the evaporation bottle. The automatic lifting is mainly for those who use it frequently, and the automatic lifting is labor-saving. In fact, the advantage of the water bath lifting can protect the evaporation bottle. The glass shaft is not easily damaged, and the manual lifting is more economical;

3.Look at the degree of sealing, that is, the degree of vacuum, the higher the degree of vacuum, the faster the evaporation rate, the general vacuum can reach 0.095mpa, the degree of vacuum is also very much related to the sealing ring, the quality of the sealing ring is better, will compare Corrosion resistant, so that any flux will not affect the vacuum pump and has a long service life. The air tightness is closely related to the design level, manufacturing level and materials used by different brands.

4.Look at the power, the power size has a great influence on the evaporation rate, especially the substances with large latent heat of evaporation, such as water, which absorbs a lot of heat energy during gasification, and the evaporation rate is almost proportional to the heating power.