Rotary evaporator distillation for extraction

ZZKD is specialized in distillation and extraction equipment, rotary evaporator is one of our main products, our rotovaps include: 2L rotary evaporator, 5L rotary evaporator, 10L rotary evaporator, 20L rotary evaporator, 50L rotary evaporator,etc.

Rotary evaporator distillation

Rotary evaporators are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products and other industries. They are essential experimental equipment for drying, concentration, crystallization, separation, evaporation, solvent recovery and other processes.Its working principle is to use constant temperature heating film evaporation under vacuum negative pressure.During the working process, the glass rotating bottle of the rotary evaporator rotates at a constant speed, and the material forms a large area and uniform film on the wall of the glass bottle. At this time, the rotating bottle is uniformly heated by the constant temperature water and oil bath, so that the material will be heated under vacuum. High-speed evaporation is formed, and the solvent vapor is cooled by the condenser tube and recovered in the glass collection bottle, so that the entire experiment process is completed.

Rotary evaporator for extraction

The advantages of our rotary evaporator are low noise, reliable sealing, large contact area, high evaporation efficiency, convenient use, can handle easy foaming materials, complete specifications, etc.Our company has 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L and other specifications of rotary steaming. Among them, the RE-5002B rotary evaporator is a large-scale rotary evaporator developed exclusively by our company, which meets the actual production needs of customers.

Rotary evaporator for industrial

The rotary evaporator has the following advantages:

1. The main structure is mainly made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is firm and beautiful.

2. The rotary evaporator adopts two modes of manual and automatic lifting, which is convenient and easy to operate.

3. The condenser is divided into a main condenser and a sub-condenser to ensure a high recovery rate.

4. The rotating bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, and the connection part is made of fluorine rubber, which has a high degree of sealing.

5. The rotary evaporator is equipped with a lifting heating tank and a closed resistance wire heater, which can be heated to 99°C with water and 400°C with oil.

6. The rotation speed of the rotary evaporator is controlled by a frequency conversion speed regulator, which adopts a digital display, and the rotation speed is stable.