2L 5L 10L rotary evaporator/Rotary evaporation equipment

Rotary vacuum evaporator is a distillation and extraction equipment commonly used in university laboratories.As a well known rotary evaporator manufacturers , the rotary evaporator we produce include:2L rotary evaporator , 5L rotary evaporator , 10L rotary evaporator,etc.Good quality, easy to operate.However, if you use it improperly, it will cause a lot of problems. Let's talk about what to pay attention to when operating the rotary evaporator:

D-R-1050 Rotary evaporation equipment

1.Wear protective equipment before handling to avoid injury to the body during operation.

2.Place the chemical reagents you need in the appropriate container.

3.The glass parts should be handled gently and carefully to prevent breakage and cause the solution to leak.

4.Do not place flammable or explosive materials next to the rotary evaporator.

5.The water temperature in the water/oil bath is high, and it will evaporate continuously during the operation. Therefore, it needs to be viewed once every other time. When the water level is low, add water to prevent the water from evaporating.

6. If the equipment fails during operation, it should stop working immediately, contact after-sales maintenance, and cannot disassemble and repair it by yourself.