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Our rotary evaporator products are factory direct sales, we have FBA Express in the United States, and we also have agents in Europe and Asia, such as Spain and India.Our rotary evaporator models include:RE-301 rotary evaporator, RE-501 rotary evaporator. R-1010 rotary evaporator, etc.

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Rotary evaporator, as a distillation extraction equipment, can be used in the purification of organic chemistry, and in life, it can also be used in the fields of medicine and liquid food processing.How to make the rotary evaporator save the separation and purification time and effectively control the temperature is a big issue. If the device can be improved and the temperature and flow rate can be controlled, the evaporation and separation effect can be improved.

The main components of the rotary evaporator are: distillation flask, oil bath, temperature control gauge, condenser, discharge valve, collection bottle, frequency converter, reflux elbow, etc.The most important part of the configuration of the instrument is that the three-way piston between the condenser and the pressure reducing pump is connected to the distillation flask. When the system is open to the atmosphere, the distillation flask and the wetted flask can be removed to transfer the solution. When the system is in communication with the decompression pump, the system is in a decompression state.The device has a big drawback, that is, when the solution is transferred, because the temperature control table can only read the value at startup, and the value read under the decompression state is very unstable, for example, the set temperature is At (50±5)℃, the prepared 250mL solution is evaporated and rotated, but when the heating temperature reaches close to the boiling point of the solvent, at this time, the traditional evaporative configuration instrument cannot grasp the purification of organic products.

There is another difficulty in the purification process, that is, during use, because the solution in the bottle is heated and diffused and evaporated in the rotating flask under negative pressure, the rotary evaporator system can only seal and reduce pressure at 400~600mmHg, which leads to no The method distinguishes the size of the solution expansion when the solution is configured, so that the instrument encounters blockage during the decompression process and the temperature efficiency is too slow.In this way, we can grasp the rotary evaporation rate by making a self-made temperature sensor, and can retain the largest purified product under the condition of ensuring that our solution is configured too much. The distillation flask is equipped with an arc-shaped filter, which can ensure that the residue is removed through the arc-shaped circulation and rotation during configuration, which can greatly improve the evaporation effect.

During the operation of the rotary evaporator, due to the high temperature of the water in the water bath, the water evaporates continuously. It has to be checked every 30 minutes during the experiment operation. When the water level is low, water must be added to prevent evaporation and dryness. After the experiment, the time wasted and the frequency of observation are very large. A temperature sensor is arranged above the water bath, which not only ensures the temperature adjustment and the control of the evaporation frequency, but also enables the sewage in the vacuum pump to flow into the organic purification process. , Can guarantee the experimental result as far as possible.

The vacuum exhaust hole is matched with the rotating bottle to seal and reduce pressure in the experiment in an arc structure, so that the air pressure can be decelerated in the original 400~600mmHg. If there is a blockage problem during the configuration process, a large amount of residue can be removed through the vent hole .