Refrigerated circulator water bath/Rotary evaporator manufacturer

ZZKD are manufacturing and offer Rotary evaporators,such as:2L rotary evaporator , 5L rotary evaporator , 10L rotary evaporator,etc,At the same time, we also supply its supporting equipment : low temperature circulator chiller , water circulating vacuum pump.

rotary evaporator with refrigerated circulator water bath

1.If the temperature of the heating bath is higher than 80 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to use 50MPa silicone oil as the heating medium. Deionized water is used as a heating medium at 80 ° C.

2.Inject 2/3 volume of deionized water or silicone oil (about 2L) into the heating tank.

3.When the set temperature of the cooling cycle system is lower than 0 °C, the coolant cannot be used directly.

4.Turn on the heating bath and cooling cycle system 30 minutes in advance.

5.Keep the temperature difference between the cooling temperature and the heating bath temperature at 50 degrees Celsius to ensure good cooling efficiency.