Rotary evaporator motor failure analysis

Rotary evaporator can rotate under constant temperature heating or negative pressure to form a film, evaporate efficiently, and then cool to recover the solvent. It is especially suitable for crystallization, separation and solvent recovery of heat sensitive materials. Some models can also be used for reflux extraction.

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If the geared motor of the rotary vacuum evaporator fails under normal operation, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects:
1.The rotary evaporator motor has been subjected to excessive load for a long time, which will cause the temperature to rise too high and damage the insulation, shortening the service life of the geared motor.
2.The rotary evaporator does not operate for a long time, the grease deteriorates, and the bearing is rusted and has not been repaired.
3.Rotary evaporator gear motor vibration should be differentiated by the geared motor itself, or caused by poor transmission, or transmitted by the mechanical load end, and then excluded for specific conditions.
4.The components of the geared motor should be kept clean, and the assembly of the end cover and bearings should be reasonable. It should not be brutally constructed, otherwise the corresponding components will be deformed by force and the geared motor will not operate.
5.Rotary evaporator motor bearing damage is a common fault in the operation of geared motors.
6.There are manufacturing quality problems in the bearing itself, such as raceway rust, inflexible rotation, excessive clearance, and cage deformation.
7.The geared motor of the rotary evaporator runs too fast, and the bearing replenishes the grease without causing the bearing to be short of oil or even burned.
8.When the bearing is in poor condition, the vibration and noise of the geared motor will increase significantly.

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