Extraction of celery leaf essential oil by rotary evaporator

We all know that rotary evaporators are used to do more vacuum distillation experiments.Recently, many customers who consult rotary evaporators will ask the same question. Can the rotary evaporator be used to extract essential oils?Different customers have different materials to be extracted.Here, we take the extraction of celery leaf essential oil as an example to explain how to use the rotary evaporator to extract all kinds of essential oils.

oil extraction using re-501 rotary evaporator

First of all, what equipment is needed to extract celery leaf essential oil?The equipment required is a rotary evaporator, an electrothermal constant temperature blast drying oven, a high pressure steam sterilizer, a biochemical incubator, and a visible spectrophotometer.After these equipments are ready, the next step is the extraction process. The specific operation method is: first take the celery leaf part, wash it and dry it naturally for 48 hours, then put it into the electric blast drying oven under the condition of 25 degrees for drying, drying time is 24 hours.After drying, it is cut, weighed, and sealed in a fresh-keeping bag. The experiment is carried out according to the orthogonal test method with three factors: material-to-liquid ratio (1:8), soaking time (0.5 hours), and distillation time (3 hours). To determine the optimal conditions for extracting essential oil from celery leaves.

rotary evaporator celery leaf essential oil extraction
The rotary evaporator equipment we supply for extracting plant essential oils includes:RE-501 rotary evaporator, re-201d rotary evaporator, R-1005 rotary evaporator, R-1050 rotary evaporator and so on.