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Do you know how molecular bartending, which is popular all over the world, is achieved? Why is it so hot? ZZKD Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. has the answer for you. Its basic method is to use a rotovap machine to prepare the modulation components of the cocktail. Through the characteristics of the re 501 rotary evaporator to distill ethanol at room temperature, it can extract the natural ingredients in fruits, petals or other ingredients to achieve adjustment. Cocktail aroma, taste and colour. Because all extraction processes are carried out at room temperature, the color and fragrance of various natural ingredients are preserved to the greatest extent without being destroyed.
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What is the principle of molecular bartending technology?

The basic method of molecular bartending technology is to use a rotovap for cocktails to prepare the components of the cocktail. The rotary evaporator can distill the characteristics of ethanol at room temperature to extract natural ingredients from fruits, petals or other ingredients. To achieve the adjustment of cocktail aroma, taste and color.
After the liquid molecules of fruits, petals or natural ingredients in other ingredients are heated and escape from the liquid surface, due to the different effective diameters of their molecules, their mean free paths are different, that is, different types of molecules from a statistical point of view, steam storage. The separation effect is to use different species to escape from the liquid surface, and the flight distances that do not collide with other molecules are different.
The rotovap for cocktails used in it is realized by reducing the pressure of the Yanfa space and its mean freedom and different properties after escaping. 0.0133~1.31 and the surface is close to the evaporation surface, when the vertical distance between the molecular vapors is less than the mean free path of the light gas fraction F but greater than the mean free path of the heavy molecules, the light gas molecules vaporized from the evaporation surface can be It collides with other molecules until it reaches the condensation surface to condense. The structure of molecular swallow reservoirs has many forms. But until now, there are mainly two structural forms: high-center thin-strand type and turn-on-the-eye type. Molecular bartending technology generally goes through the following four steps:
(1) Molecules diffuse from the liquid main body to the evaporation surface

(2) Molecules evaporate freely from the evaporation surface (heating surface)

(3 ) Molecules fly from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface. In the process of flying, they may collide with the remaining air molecules, or they may collide with each other, but as long as there is a suitable vacuum degree, the mean free path of the evaporation molecules is greater than or equal to the two sides (evaporation). The distance between the surface and the condensation surface) is enough, it is meaningless to increase the vacuum degree if it is too high.

(4) The molecules are condensed on the condensation surface, and the shape of the condensation surface is reasonable and smooth, so as to complete the separation and extraction of the substance molecules.

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Why do bartenders like to use rotovap for cocktails?

Some high-end cocktail bars in various countries, and even some spirits brands, use a sophisticated scientific device, a rotary evaporator, to create flavor-focused cocktail ingredients through vacuum distillation. Rotary evaporators first came out of science labs to grace high-end restaurant kitchens, and now bartenders are using the tool's culinary applications to distill beverage ingredients. They think it pays to produce better, more interesting cocktails. Here's how and why they use it.
Traditional distillation purifies the liquid (fermentation) by heating the liquid to vaporize it and cooling it with a condenser to recover the distillation vapor, while the rotary evaporator uses a gentler method. A rotary evaporator uses a vacuum to depressurize the sample environment, thereby lowering the boiling point. He is a New York City culinary technologist, Dave Arnold. "Unlike standard distillation, where you're trying to concentrate the alcohol and reduce unwanted contaminants by rotary evaporation, you're trying to capture all the volatiles from the flavors you want to distill." This This means that rotary evaporation technology can capture the essence and taste of raw materials that traditional distillation cannot. In culinary applications, chefs typically use such rotary evaporators to harvest the solid portion of ingredients, while molecular bartenders are more interested in extracting evaporated solvents.


How to choose a rotovap for cocktails for molecular bartending?

Aske Stephenson, the world's leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer, is an expert in handcrafted cocktails. They are good at using scientific instruments to create some new, unique or unusual blends. They use rotary evaporators. , to create its innovative premixed cocktails.

RE series rotovap for cocktails

RE series rotary evaporator is a small-volume rotary evaporator, which is heated by a water bath (oil bath) to form a thin film under the negative pressure condition of the evaporator, which can evaporate at a high degree, and condense and recover the solvent at the same time. RE series rotary evaporators are especially suitable for condensation, separation, crystallization and recovery of heat-sensitive materials. It is one of the commonly used tools in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, universities and research laboratories.

 RE series rotary evaporator

R series rotovap for cocktails

R series rotary evaporators are mainly used in biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other testing, testing and production fields. there is one
The large-capacity, large-diameter rotary evaporation flask is placed in a water bath and heated by rotation to make the solution diffuse and evaporate efficiently. The product can be combined with circulating water multi-function vacuum pump, diaphragm vacuum pump, low temperature circulating (vacuum) pump, circulating cooler, constant temperature circulating, low temperature coolant circulating pump and other auxiliary components of the system.

 R series rotary evaporator

The rotary evaporator recommended by ZZKD to customers is excellent in reliability, safety and user-friendliness. It is widely used in chemical laboratories of scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. The mini rotary evaporator can also be used under vacuum in order to achieve a more perfect distillation effect and meet the requirements of different cocktail bartending techniques.