What factors will affect the rotary distillation

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recirculating chiller for rotary evaporator
1.Temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation.
2.Pressure, the lower the pressure, the higher the vacuum and the faster the evaporation.
3.The speed, the higher the speed, the faster the evaporation.

laboratory chiller
Why use round bottles, no triangular bottles or other shapes of bottles, the round bottle is the most pressure-resistant, the most uniform force, not easy to damage, and the heat is also the most uniform, the triangular bottle and the bottom of the bottle can not be used.
The best efficiency of the rotating bottle is the eggplant-shaped bottle. Pay attention to check the airtightness of the instrument and do not rotate when there is no negative pressure.
Always turn each piston to keep it moving. When it is not flexible, wipe off the Vaseline or vacuum ester.
Pay attention to the change of water pressure to prevent the water pipe from falling off.
The water in the water bath should be changed frequently, and the scale should be removed.