How to use a rotary vacuum evaporator in chemistry

As a professional rotary evaporator manufacturers, we provide detailed operation instructions to our customers in addition to high quality products.


Operating points of the rotary evaporator:

1.Install the rotary evaporator device, turn on the power, and turn on the condenser switch.

2.Connect the rotating bottle, open the vacuum pump, and adjust the height of the water bath so that the liquid level of the water bath is level with the liquid level in the rotating bottle.

3.After reaching a certain degree of vacuum, open the rotary switch of the rotating bottle, the rotation speed is 30-100 rpm, and observe whether the vacuum meets the requirements.

4.Set the temperature of the water bath according to the boiling point of the evaporated solvent.

5.The evaporation rate during the evaporator process should not be too fast or too slow. When the condensate drops in a line, the evaporation rate is too fast.

6.Turn the rotate button off when there is no liquid dripping from the condenser.

7.Remove the rotating bottle when the vacuum is zero.

8.Turn off the circulating water vacuum pump, constant temperature water bath and condensate switch.

9.Pour off the remaining objects in the rotating bottle and the solvent in the receiving bottle.

10.Clean glassware such as rotating bottles.