The cause of the malfunction of the rotary evaporator geared motor

The geared motor is the main tool to control the speed of the rotary evaporator bottle. If the gear motor fails, it will affect the efficiency of the experiment. What are the reasons for the gear motor failure?
1.The geared motor of the rotary evaporator suffers from excessive load for a long period of time, causing the temperature to rise too high and damage the insulation, shortening the service life of the geared motor.
2.Bearing damage, which is a common fault in the operation of geared motors, the bearings should be replaced.

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3.The bearing cavity is not clean or the grease is not clean. For example, the tiny rigid material in the bearing cage is not completely cleaned, or the bearing raceway is damaged during operation, causing the temperature rise to be too high to burn the bearing.
4.The operating temperature of the geared motor of the rotary evaporator is too high, and the bearing is not filled with grease in time to cause the bearing to be short of oil or burned.
5.The bearing itself has manufacturing quality problems, such as: inflexible rotation, raceway rust, over-gap, and deformation of the cage.
6.The rotary evaporator does not operate for a long time, causing the grease to deteriorate, while the bearing is rusted but not repaired.
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