Rotary evaporator evaporating liquid

How long it takes for the vertical rotary evaporator to evaporate liquid is also a problem that many rotary evaporator customers often consult.We all know that rotary evaporators are mainly used in the separation of pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries, solvent recovery, crystallization, drying and preliminary purification, and are used more and more widely.ZZKD has continuously researched and produced a new rotary evaporator with faster evaporation efficiency.So how fast is the evaporation rate of the new rotary evaporator? How long does it take to evaporate the liquid?

vertical rotary evaporator

Some time ago, a customer said they planned to evaporate using rotary evaporator to extract medicine.First use water as an extraction experiment. During the experiment, the customer said that the water in the rotating bottle has started to evaporate, but there is no steam on the condenser.It evaporated for more than an hour and did not see the desired effect.

What should I do if this happens?

First, check the tightness,If the vacuum has reached the maximum, the seal is intact.Secondly, the temperature of heating, this should also be controlled,Water as a solvent 50 degrees is not steamed, more than 70 degrees;Finally, the evaporating materials are different, and the last time used is different (using a 10 liter rotary evaporator, the evaporation of water for 1 hour is 3.2 liters, and the evaporation of ethanol for 1 hour is 8.6 liters).It can be seen that the difference in materials, the evaporation time and the evaporation amount are also quite large.