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Rotary evaporator is one of our main products,divided by capacity, the most common are: 2L rotary evaporator, 5L rotary evaporator, 10L rotary evaporator, 20L rotary evaporator, 50L rotary evaporator,etc.

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1.What principle does the rotary evaporator use?
Under negative pressure working conditions, the evaporating bottle of the rotary evaporator is constantly rotating in the constant temperature water bath, causing the solvent solution to form a film on the bottle wall, thereby increasing the evaporation area of the solution.Then through the condenser tube condensation recovery, concentration and separation of materials to meet the experimental requirements.

2.What core technology does the rotary evaporator have?
The air tightness and high vacuum of the system during operation are the key to the work of the rotary evaporator.Our R series rotary evaporator adopts rubber tetrafluoroethylene composite material and glass seal, which can withstand various solvents, have long-lasting and reliable air tightness, and can maintain a high vacuum degree above -0.096MPa.

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3.What are the factors that affect the working efficiency of the rotary evaporator?
For the same type of rotary evaporator, high vacuum and low cooling water temperature are the two main factors to improve efficiency (the cooling chiller can be used and the water temperature can be reduced).

4.Is there any difference between the condensers of different capacities of rotary evaporator?
There is essentially no difference. The small scale rotary evaporator condenser is easy to transport and use due to its small footprint. Large scale rotary evaporators use more vertical condensers.

5.What is the difference between the lifting of the main body of the rotary evaporator and the lifting of the water bath?
The different lifting methods are mainly considered from the aspects of convenience, safety and economy,Generally, the small rotary evaporator below 5L adopts the method of lifting the host, while the rotary evaporator above 5L adopts the method of lifting the water bath.

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6.What are the explosion-proof characteristics of the R series rotary evaporator?
The rotary evaporator of our company adopts AC motor, stepless speed regulation (or frequency conversion speed regulation), no brush, no spark in operation.The matching water bath is controlled by a nitrogen-filled sealed relay and a controllable non-contact switch.The manual control switch adopts secondary circuit control, and the control current is less than 3mA, which has good explosion-proof characteristics.

7.What is the basis for the choice of rotary evaporator model?
According to the amount of solvent in the experiment, 2L, 3L, and 5L capacity rotary evaporators are suitable for laboratory and sample tests;5L, 10L, and 20L capacity are suitable for medium-sized tests;The capacity of 5L, 10L, and 20L is suitable for medium-sized tests; especially suitable for the extraction of materials that need to avoid metal ion contaminants.

8.How to choose vacuum pump for rotary evaporator?
We recommend the circulating water vacuum pump for the rotary evaporator, which is resistant to corrosion by various solvents and can be evacuated to -0.095MPa.According to the volume of the rotary evaporator, various types of vacuum pumps can be matched.