RE-5002B improved 50 liter large rotary evaporator

50L large rotary evaporator is suitable for pilot plant and factory level reaction. In addition to ensuring high vacuum, constant speed, and constant temperature, ruggedness, excellent performance, and ease of operation are also necessary.
The rotary evaporator creates a negative pressure and constant temperature environment for the reaction, and uniformly heats the material through constant speed rotation, thereby forming a thin film on the inner wall of the evaporation bottle to increase the evaporation rate.
RE-5002B improved 50 liter rotary evaporator
50L Rotary Evaporator-Model RE-5002B
-Evaporation flask size: 50L, F125 flange mouth;
-Mechanical seal, long-lasting high vacuum, zero maintenance;
-The maximum vacuum is <2 mbar (-0.0998MPa);
-Equipped with a water bath (100 ℃), PID automatically and accurately controls the temperature. Can be upgraded to oil bath (180 ℃);
-Electric bath lifting;
-Vertical integrated three-layer coil condenser with large condensation area;
-The air cylinder is equipped with an anti-surge function to prevent accidental overshoot of the material;
-Variable frequency speed regulation, speed range: 0-110 rpm;
-Equipped with continuous collection function, it can continuously receive materials without releasing vacuum;
-PTFE discharge valve, clean discharge.
RE-5002B improved 50 liter rotary evaporator features:
1: Rotary transmission adopts custom worm gear and worm, which improves the service life and the stability of continuous work; (compared with the new rotary steam belt drive, the cost is lower and the service life is longer)
2: All-in-one host, compared with the old model of rotary steaming, solves the tedious steps of installation. The whole machine is fixed and moved by the brake casters. (Compared with the appearance of the new rotary steaming, the cost is low)
3: Electric lifting heating tank, compared with the old manual lifting, can reduce the manual lifting of the operator; (compared to the new rotary steaming, low cost)
4: Integrated four-layer condenser, compared with the old main and auxiliary condensers, the condensation area is increased by 30%, and supports dual cooling and dual reception customization (compared to the new condensing area, the cost is reduced)
5: Add the timing switch function, according to the set time, heat up in advance, shut down regularly, save time cost (compared to the unique features added by the new rotary steaming), you can manually turn the machine on and off within the set time.