50L rotovap manufacturer supplier price sales

50L Rotary evaporator can be combined with circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump, chiller, diaphragm vacuum pump, low temperature circulation (vacuum) pump, circulating cooler, constant temperature circulator, low temperature coolant circulating pump, etc.
Rotary evaporator is a device for purifying distillation test. It is heated by constant temperature and rotated under negative pressure to form a film, which is efficiently evaporated, and then condensed to recover the solvent to achieve the effect of purification and separation. It is a research in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products and other industries. Equipment and equipment necessary for evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, solvent recovery and other processes in the production process. So what are the components of the rotary evaporator?
50L rotary manufacturer supplier price sales
1. Rotating the motor to drive the evaporation bottle containing the sample by the rotation of the motor;
2, the evaporation tube, the evaporation tube has two functions, first to play the role of the sample rotation support shaft, and secondly through the evaporation tube, the vacuum system to suck the sample;
3. A vacuum system for reducing the pressure of the rotary evaporator system;
4, the fluid heating pot, usually under water to heat the sample;
5, the condensation tube, using double serpentine condensation or other condensing agents such as dry ice, acetone condensation samples;
6. Condensate the sample collection bottle. After the sample is cooled, it enters the collection bottle.
7. A mechanical or motor mechanism is used to quickly lift the evaporation flask in the heating pot.
The rotary evaporator's vacuum system allows for a simple water immersion pump that is immersed in a cold water bath or a mechanical vacuum pump with a cooling tube. Evaporating and condensing glass components can be simple or complex, depending on the purpose of the distillation and the nature of the solvent to be distilled. Different commercial devices contain some basic features, and modern devices often add features such as digitally controlled vacuum pumps, digital display heating temperatures, and even steam temperatures.