Rotary vane vacuum pump price for sale

The 2XZ-2 rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to remove gas from a sealed container. It can be used alone or as a booster pump, a diffusion pump, a fore pump of a molecular pump, a pre-pump for a maintenance pump or a titanium pump; the pump has the advantages of low noise, no oil return, easy start, etc. It is equipped with a gas ballast valve to remove a small amount of condensable steam.

2XZ-2 Rotary vane vacuum pump price

Rotary evaporator is usually not equipped with a rotary vane vacuum pump. The reason is that during the use of the rotary evaporator, the rotating bottle will generate moisture and return to the vacuum pump, which will cause the rotary vane vacuum pump to rust.The vacuum pump generally equipped with it is a circulating water vacuum pump, and the circulating water vacuum pump includes a vertical circulating water vacuum pump and a Desktop Circulating Water Vacuum Pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used and are a type of vacuum equipment, mostly used in vacuum drying ovens. If there is a leak in the rotary vane vacuum pump, there are generally the following reasons:

1.The motor is reversed and the pump rotates in the opposite direction.
2. The seal ring is worn and the seal ring needs to be replaced.