20L Rotary Evaporator with Dual Condenser Kit Company

The 20L rotary evaporator with dual receiving bottle kit can be used with a chiller and vacuum pump for higher extraction efficiency and faster delivery.
The 20L rotary evaporator with dual condenser kit is the representative product of ZZKD's continuous self-upgrade according to practical experience and customer needs. The instrument is equipped with a new universal electric heating jacket, vertical condensing glass components, advanced safety functions and digital connection functions. The 20L rotary evaporator with dual main condenser kit will be your reliable experimental partner. Its optimized heating pot capacity can achieve rapid heating, and the specially designed rotary evaporator with dual condenser can efficiently use the condensation area. This is why the RE series rotary evaporators can achieve reliable and repeatable distillation results that are usually achieved on other more expensive distillation equipment. Other functions such as smooth start, forward and reverse, and timing functions can greatly assist users in their daily laboratory work. 20L Rotary Evaporator with Dual Condenser Kit Complete Safety Function: Motor lift function that can be automatically lifted in case of unexpected power failure to prevent solvent overheating; heating pot has adjustable safety temperature loop; anti-dry burn protection function; adjustable lowering end Setting; heating pot setting lock function. In addition, components with explosion-proof functions are also available to meet more safety requirements.
More features of the 20L rotary evaporator with dual condenser kit:
Shape design: stylish and compact design; all control units are designed to be installed in the middle of the instrument for easy operation;
Sealing technology: Patented technology, vacuum sealing, no O-ring and other chemical materials are required. This technology is applied to the whole series of rotary evaporator and can be perfectly matched with our company's glass components.
The control panel adopts touch operation and wide-screen display for easy observation. The built-in microprocessor meets the operator's programming for different experiments and complies with GLP specifications. The control knob is installed for quick start / stop control and parameter selection;
Standard accessories: The evaporating flask is designed with a thread seal, which is easy to install and replace, while ensuring absolute tightness.
Lifting device: Standard lifting device for glass device
Safety performance: All models in this series are equipped with a removable safety cover as standard, which can be easily fixed on the right side of the instrument when not in use.
Vacuum system integration: optional vacuum controller, however, the vacuum degree display menu has been reserved in the screen program to ensure that all parameters are displayed on one screen.
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