20 liter rotary evaporator manufacturer price for sale

The 20-liter rotary evaporator (RE-2000 Rotary Evaporator)can be rotated under constant temperature and under negative pressure to form a film, and at the same time, the dissolved coal is condensed and recovered. It is especially suitable for concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of heat sensitive materials. It is an important equipment for scientific research, pilot test and production of bio-special medicine, chemical industry and food industry.
Host part: Introducing foreign advanced transmission system, reasonable structure, durable and practical.
Control, temperature part: the introduction of foreign advanced frequency conversion control system, temperature control system to ensure the performance of the instrument.
Water bath: It adopts imported stainless steel plate for one-time forming and vertical automatic lifting.
20 liter rotary evaporator manufacturer price for sale
Sealing parts: The latest PTFE material is selected and treated with special technology to enhance sealing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Main structure: It is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel to improve and improve the reasonable performance of the instrument.
The factory standard collection bottle (can be discharged) 10L, rotating bottle 20L.
20 liter rotary evaporator considerations
The equipment needs to be coated with a layer of vacuum grease during the installation, sealing surface seals and joints before installation.
Water must be added before the heating tank is energized, and dry burning is not allowed.
20 liter rotary evaporator manufacturer price for sale
The 20L rotary evaporator is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and coal recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. The principle is as follows: under vacuum condition, the constant temperature is heated, so that the rotating bottle rotates at a constant speed, and the material forms a large-area film on the bottle wall and evaporates. The dissolved coal vapor is cooled by a glass condenser and recovered in a collecting bottle, thereby greatly improving the evaporation efficiency, and is particularly selected for concentration and purification of biological products which are easily decomposed at a high temperature.