Distillation And Bumping Prevention Of 10L Rotary Evaporator

10 liter rotovap is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. The basic principle is vacuum distillation, that is, under reduced pressure, when the solvent is distilled, the distillation flask is continuously rotating.

The vacuum system of the rotovap machine can be a simple water suction pump immersed in a cold water bath, or it can be a circulating water vacuum pump with a cooling pipe. The different goals of distillation, as well as the characteristics of the solvent to be distilled, determine how easy it is to evaporate and condense glass components. Different rotary evaporator distillation units contain some basic features, and modern rotary evaporator equipment usually adds functions such as digitally controlled vacuum pumps, digital display of heating temperature and even steam temperature. rotary evaporator selection and purchase, please look for ZZKD!
 R-1010 rotary evaporator

Principle of rotary evaporator distillation unit
Through electronic control, the flask is rotated at a constant speed to increase the evaporation area. The evaporating flask is under negative pressure by means of a vacuum pump. The evaporating flask is placed in a water bath for constant temperature heating while rotating, and the solution in the flask is heated, diffused and evaporated in the rotating flask under negative pressure. The rotary evaporator system can be sealed and decompressed to 400-600 mm Hg; the solvent in the distillation flask is heated with a heating bath, and the heating temperature can be close to the boiling point of the solvent; at the same time, it can also be rotated at a speed of 50-160 rpm, The reaction material is formed into a thin film to increase the evaporation area. In addition, under the action of the cooler, the hot vapor can be quickly liquefied and the evaporation rate can be accelerated. The basic principle is vacuum distillation, that is, under reduced pressure, when the solvent is distilled, the distillation flask is continuously rotating. rotary evaporator selection and purchase, please look for ZZKD!

Structure of rotary evaporator distillation unit
The distillation flask can be a pear-shaped or round-bottomed flask with a standard ground mouth interface, connected to a decompression pump through a high reflux serpentine condenser, and the other opening of the reflux condenser is connected to a receiving flask with a ground mouth for use. Receive evaporated organic solvent. There is a three-way piston between the condenser tube and the decompression pump. When the system is connected to the atmosphere, the distillation flask and the liquid-contacting flask can be removed to transfer the solvent. When the system is communicated with the decompression pump, the system should be in a reduced state. pressure state.

Anti bumping of rotary evaporator distillation unit
The core of avoiding bumping lies in the precise control of the vacuum condition of the system. ZZKD is committed to providing users with a complete distillation solution. The combination of rotary evaporator with vacuum pump and vacuum control system enables users to easily deal with personalized and severe distillation tasks. , and meet the ideal experimental effect. Of course, there are two common vacuum control systems on the market: built-in vacuum control systems and external vacuum control systems.
EXRE-1002 rotary evaporator
ZZKD rotary evaporator realizes centralized control of all process parameters through the central control unit: vacuum, cooling temperature, rotation speed and heating pot temperature. Through the dynamic fine distillation mode, the fully automatic distillation process can be started in the heating stage of the heating pot, and the system vacuum changes with the temperature of the heating pot until the heating pot reaches the set temperature to realize the boiling point identification. Effectively avoid bumping and foaming, and efficiently distill.
At present, some rotary evaporators do not have a built-in vacuum control system. Generally, it is recommended to choose an electronic vacuum controller for vacuum control of the rotary evaporation system. Electronic lift and vacuum controller, through the built-in vacuum sensor, regulating valve and exhaust valve, the vacuum system can be easily upgraded to electronic control, which makes the whole distillation process more efficient, and the distillation conditions are more stable and mild, which can effectively avoid sample exposure. In case of boiling and flushing, it is an economical digital vacuum control. Of course, it also depends on the actual situation to choose! Our anti-bumping rotary evaporator adopts the international advanced EL airtight system to maintain a high degree of vacuum!
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